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Laurel Woodcock MKG127 Laurel Woodcock

Laurel Woodcock CV, pdf file

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+ Again and Again
+ A Certain Darkness is Needed
   to See the Stars

+ Semicolon Hyphen Bracket
+ note to self
+ A to B

Articles and Reviews
+ Laurel Woodcock - Canadian Art
+ Laurel Woodcock, Walkthrough - TIFF:
   David Cronenberg Catalogue

walkthrough 1.0, vinyl text in situ, 2006, installation at the Banff Centre for the Arts

Laurel Woodcock was the area coordinator for Extended Practices, a component of the undergraduate program at the University of Guelph that focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to art production. Her work in situational art, video, photography, sculpture and editions make use of everyday objects and situations to shed light on language and perception. She completed her BFA at Concordia University and her MFA at NSCAD.

A large portion of Woodcock's studio practice culled from familiar language; a turn of phrase, song lyric, punctuation mark, typography, visual trope, or element of syntax. These became materials from which she explored the problems and possibilities of language, its formal and connotative qualities and malleable meanings. Her work has been exhibited widely in Canada including the Power Plant and the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver and internationally in the United States, France, England, Spain, Egypt and Scotland.

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